Friday, February 14, 2014

CD 13 & Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day <3

Today has been such a fun day. Peanut spent a lot of time making Valentine's Day cards for me and the hubby. It was so sweet and I just love it when she puts her mind to work on something creative. She left a handmade card in her dad's lunch box last night and he found it this morning when he left for work. I wish I had been up to see him find it. I hope he knows how much us girls love him!

Let's just dive right on in to the good pictures, shall we? I fixed this sweet little tray up for the hubby and Peanut tonight to go with dinner. Despite the yumminess loaded on this tray, I was good and only had three strawberries with a bit of chocolate. It was so delicious and so worth it if I bloat or if a war between my ovaries and uterus breaks out.

I also made some heart shaped biscuits. Funny enough, the hubby jokingly said better get some heart shaped biscuits for dinner. Little did he know I already had them planned. I took the left over pieces, tore them into small pieces, dropped them in a cupcake pan, and drizzled melted butter with cinnamon and sugar over them. I didn't take a picture of them, but they were actually pretty cute and the both loved them. I'd never made that before, but it was really simple and I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

I also cut heart shapes out of bread and made french toast with them. I put a little butter on the rest of the bread and fried and egg in the center. That didn't really come out as planned since the egg spread out and didn't really look to much like a heart inside the bread. I should have used the next biggest cookie cutter. Lesson learned I suppose.

There was also bacon and gravey to go along with all this other stuff, but I stayed strong and stuck with a scrambled egg, black beans, jalapenos, a banana, a few strawberries (3 with chocolate), and that was it. I will not lose these other two dietbets!

The hubby called it his 'manly heart shaped dinner' <3

And I have to share this amazing mascara I got today! I got them HERE! They're called 3D lashes and I absolutely love them. My lashes are really short and you can't really see them curl up like they are now. I had a picture where I did one eye not the other but I must have deleted it. I'm not a big makeup fan, but I think I'll be using them pretty often, if not daily. I've always wanted longer lashes but hate the fake eyelash look.

TTC News:
I'm pretty sure that tomorrow will be ovulation day. My belly bloated up pretty bad and I had some pretty bad right ovary pain. For a minute I thought I was having an endometriosis flare up, but it went away after a couple of hours which is typical the day before ovulation. I'm not temping again so I can't be 100% sure about that, but I know that I've had lots of EWCM lately so I'll have a pretty good idea when that dries up.

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