Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Checking Due Date Before O?!

I was doing so well today with not thinking too much about a baby. Until I came up with the bright idea to calculate my due date from when I think I'll O. Just so we're clear, I haven't even O'd yet.

I'd love to have a July baby. Nice warm weather so we could have future birthdays outdoors. My daughter's birthday is in January when there's nothing but cold, wet, snow, and mud.

The due date itself isn't really what made me feel down so quickly.  No, that happened right after I counted that it would be due only two months after the hubby's cousin's baby is due.

But still yet, that isn't what got me down completely. For a brief moment I thought about how fun that would be. Then, I realized that the chances of that actually happening were slim. Why bother imagining what it would be like?

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