Thursday, October 31, 2013

4 DPO ~ Long Time No See

I won't start off by making excuses for my absence. Over this past weekend my eating choices were extremely poor. Over two days I ate a whole large pizza. By. My. Self.

Who does that??

Anyway, I paid for it dearly. I guess after a week of no dairy, then binging on cheese, I discovered that I do have a sensitivity to dairy. Did I also mention that I ate several pieces of Snicker mini candy bars? I swelled up like the Good Year Blimp.

On top of that, I had horrendous gas and horrible cramps. I sat out to discover if my endo flared up as a result of dairy and I guess it's safe to say I have my answer. You'll be happy to know, however, that I'm now back on track and have not had dairy since Monday.

Begone bloat!

I'm 4 dpo today, almost 5 dpo since I'm writing this up at midnight. Or, I think anyway? I didn't temp so I'm not 100% of my O day. Give or take a few days. It should be fairly accurate. I should be sleeping but a storm is passing through and the winds are insane. Before I had my daughter I'd sleep right through them. Now, I'm terrified to sleep for fear of not having enough time to grab her and head for this hills.


Not much really going on. I did have some pretty sharp pinching pains around the left side of my uterus. Would be lovely if it were implantation, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the Vitex I've been taking, but my boobs have been super sore since O, and my nipples felt as if they'd been dipped in boiling water for the first few days.

Fun stuff, right?

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