Wednesday, October 23, 2013

End Of The Day Wrap Up

            Well, I didn’t do that amazing with avoiding dairy, but I didn’t do that bad either. The only dairy I had today was as an ingredient to something else. I also had some veggie chicken patties, which I’m sure probably have soy. I honestly never even looked.
            The good news is that I didn’t get carried away with eating junk. I didn’t over eat healthy things either. I seem to be pretty hooked on cinnamon apples, raisins, and pecans (not walnuts LOL) for breakfast. I had it again this morning. I think I’m going to look for some type of bread or muffin recipe to use it in that’s gluten/dairy free.
            Later in the day, I found myself wanting to say screw it all and stuff my face with junk because of that little bit of dairy and soy today. I must have plundered through the kitchen for a good 15 minutes trying to talk myself out of everything before I settled on a good sized spinach salad with salsa and jalapenos.

            TTC New: I received my Vitex in the mail today. I opened the bottle and inspected the horse pills, but I’m still undecided on whether I should take them or not. I’ve considered starting small with one pill in the morning. I’m just not sure yet? Also, my opk is still negative. I was hoping for a positive, but oh well. Maybe tomorrow?

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