Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shrimp Primavera ~ Sorta :) Endo Friendly Dinner!

I made my own version of shrimp primavera for dinner. I did not buy organic vegetables or gluten free pasta, but there is no dairy! It was supposed to have zucchini, but I forgot to pick it up at the store. I had some asparagus I used instead. It didn't exactly go with it that well, but it wasn't bad.

The night isn't over, but I'm feeling pretty good about my food choices yesterday and tonight. Hopefully I can keep this up to help my endo and lose some weight. I've been stuck around 200 for an eternity it seems. As of this morning my weight is at 199.5. 

TTC News: I’m on cd 12 and I’m expecting to O between cd 14 – 16.  I’m going to try an OPK tonight, but it may be too diluted. I’ll be doing an OPK tomorrow morning for sure.

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