Monday, October 21, 2013

Endo Friendly Dinner...Kinda...

                I have no idea what this is called, but it was actually pretty good. I like to cook up some button mushrooms in olive oil with onion, garlic, sea salt, and a little pepper. I usually put it on a toasted bun with a slice of Swiss cheese on top. Since I’d only had apples from breakfast, I figured I better add some sort of bean to it since I don’t eat meat.
                I decided to add in a can of black beans and I’m pretty glad I did. I liked it quite a bit. I also added in some sliced jalapenos. After debating for several minutes, I decided to go ahead and eat it with my last Kaiser bun. That wasn’t exactly endo friendly, but I don’t want it to go to waste. Plus, I’m working on dairy right now.
                I also put a little of this bean and mushroom mixture on top of a spinach and romaine salad. It wasn’t the best, but it was okay. I really didn’t want to use salad dressing and I was too hungry to learn how to make my own vinaigrette. Maybe next time?
                While we were at co-op today I talked to another mom about my goal to rid my life of junky chemicals. She said she uses baking soda and vinegar to wash her hair. I’m assuming it works well because I’ve never seen her hair look dirty. Also, she uses coconut oil to brush her teeth. I haven’t had time to look into any of this, but I plan on checking it out soon.
                Baby steps.

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