Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CD 3 & Breakfast

This has become my favorite go to breakfast. It's pretty much the fried apple thing I was making before, only I'm not frying it anymore. It's so fast and easy. When I buy raisins and nuts, walnuts this time, I separate 1/8 a cup of each into a bag. This keeps me from being greedy and "accidentally" dropping more into my bowl. 

If it's not this, I usually have a bowl of plain oatmeal with honey, raisins and nuts. It's pretty good as well, but my taste buds haven't exactly adjusted to honey sweetened oatmeal vs. sugar sweetened oatmeal. I'm determined to stay away from added sugar though.

I’m sure I’ll get burned out on it eventually, and will be forced to find something else, but for now, I’m hooked. This is quite normal for me. I tend to find certain foods or meals that I really enjoy and it’s all I’ll want for weeks. The hubby is the complete opposite. This can make meals a little annoying in our home.

Dairy is the Devil! 

I've discovered that reducing dairy has a pretty big impact on my pain levels during AF. I’m on CD 3 and I should have almost or completely threw up or passed out by now, but I haven’t! I didn’t even have to camp out in the tub for hours. And for what pain I did have I was able to ease it off to manageable status with 2 generic Ibuprofen.

I say reducing because I didn't exactly cut it all out completely. I did have some pizza twice in the past month. I suffered for it dearly the next day or two. Cutting it out completely had been my original goal, but who doesn't love pizza??

I think I'm going to work on sugar and process foods next. Mostly because I've already started on both. In all honesty, I haven't had too much of either for the past month. Well, I haven't added any sugar to my food, but I have had several processed foods. Not nearly as much as I usually have though.

It sucks that I'm back at the beginning of another cycle, but I am looking forward to continuing to eat healthier. In almost two months, I've managed to maintain better eating habits and I've gone from 205.5 lbs. to 192 lbs.. I think the best and hardest change I've been working on is to stop blowing it big when I do blow it. If I have something I shouldn't, I enjoy it while it lasts, then move on.

No more beating myself up. Endometriosis does that well enough for me.

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