Sunday, November 17, 2013

CD 7 & Recovering From Early Thanksgiving Dinner

I'm sorry to report that you won't be seeing any updates on my meals from yesterday. I did horrible! And paid for it with pain and bloating. I had planned on taking a picture of the table loaded with cheese and butter, but I totally forgot. Well, it wasn't really loaded with cheese and butter only, but that's what killed me later. I'll be checking my weight in the morning to see how much weight I gained. Hopefully not much.

Today is CD 7 and I'm so ready for it to be O time. I'm anxious to see if a full cycle of Vitex brings me any luck. A friend of mine is using Vitex as well to try to help with her PCOS. She said AF came a few days ago for the first time in months. I hope it helps her get pregnant. Her youngest is 8 years old so it's been a while.

Today has been a pretty down kind of day. I even found myself fighting back tears a few times. It didn't help matters any that we had my niece and nephew with us early today and then spend the rest of the day with friends. I just needed some quite down time, but that just wasn't going to happen today. I've been so snappy and irritable all day despite knowing the problem and that I shouldn't be this way.

The worst part is that the hubby is now irritated with me because of my short fuse, and I can't even tell him what my problem is, which makes it even worse. If I do, he won't touch me for a week thinking he's protecting me from getting hurt. Funny thing is, protecting me from being hurt is the last thing ending our efforts of TTC will do. I don't know how I would cope if he told me he didn't want to try anymore.

I'm just ready for this day to be over.

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