Friday, November 15, 2013

CD 5 & A Paleo Breakfast

While I was trying to find recipes that are endofriendly last night I came across a recipe I've seen fairly often. It's the Paleo Banana Pancakes. This isn't exactly 100% endofriendly because we're not supposed to have eggs. A friend from where the hubby works brought us some fresh eggs from their chickens and I had to have one. I've read that some people are able to have eggs if they don't have an allergy to them. I haven't had any for over a month so I guess this will be a little experiment to see what happens.

At first I was a little worried about how they would cook up and flip. I read that you should let it cook for a while before trying to flip, so I did. It surprisingly turned out pretty well. It was super easy to flip and looked great. I let the last one cook a little too long. Oops. 

They weren't my favorite breakfast, but they weren't bad. I actually liked the first one I made better. I know that sounds weird, but I made it thinner than the rest and I think that made the difference. It wasn't nearly as eggie as the other two. After the first one was done I was over it and ready for them to be on my plate. So, I rushed it by pouring more out. If you decide to try this, I suggest nice, thin banana cakes.

It's the same as what you find all over the web. A banana smashed with an egg, only I added some cinnamon in mine.

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