Monday, November 4, 2013

That's All Folks

Well, today is supposed to be 8 dpo, but it's beginning to look like I had my O date wrong. I'm pretty positive that I'm starting the first of 3 of my usual days of pre-AF spotting. Yay. I suppose I'll be temping next month so I don't have this problem. The sadness and disappointment I always feel is no less this month despite knowing this cycle wasn't the one.

I guess I should be thankful for getting my wish from yesterday.

I'm on cd 25 today. AF should be here officially by cd 28-29. I haven't had any horrible side effects from the Vitex I've been taking. It's supposed to take a month to see changes, but I'm hoping that my pain during AF this month will be reduced. I've been taking Vitex for almost 2 weeks now. I'll be using opks again, but I'll be temping as well so I can be sure of O day.

No more guessing.

On the upside, I'm still doing well with my no dairy goal. I'm also planning on giving the No Poo shampoo a try very soon. It doesn't have the sulfate chemicals that store bought body wash and shampoo have. I'm not supposed to use store bought because the chemicals absorb through my skin and flare up my endo.

It seems pretty easy. You use a baking soda and water mixture followed by a apple cider vinegar and water mixture. There's supposed to be an adjustment period, but after that it should do pretty good at keeping your hair clean. Apparently the vinegar is supposed to be good for detangling as well. I plan on testing this with my daughter. She also told me about a natural body wash you can get online, but I'm going to spend a bit of time looking into making my own.

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