Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 DPO & A Confession

I discovered a new love today. Quiche! I don't know why I've never made this before?! I've always thought it sounded like an omelet, only eggier for some reason. It was so easy to make and wasn't eggie at all. I saw a picture while using Google and decided to just go for it. It was really simple, but I'm not really sure if I made it the "right" way. I saw a recipe once before, but it was some time ago.

Before I list what I put in it, I have to remind you that I'm not much of a measuring kind of gal when it comes to cooking. I just toss in a little of this and a little of that until I get it right. I don't do much baking, but I think if I did, I'd be terrible at it.

Veggie Quiche
chopped mushrooms
chopped red onion
chopped sweet red pepper
green onion
garlic salt (I'm out of fresh thanks to the carrots)
olive oil
4 fresh eggs

**Saute until veggies are tender (I really loaded it with veggies). Put into a small pan and pour in eggs. When I poured in the eggs I put half the veggies in, a little eggs, last of veggies, and the rest of the eggs. I did this so to make sure the eggs went all the way through since I had so much veggies. I'm not sure if this step was necessary? 

So, I have a confession. Yesterday I did really well with my meals for the day. I even took the time to make my newly found recipes. Later that night, however, I didn't do so well. In fact, I pretty much blew it all into the water.I paid for it as well. I experienced a lot of sharp pains, cramps, and bloating.

And to keep being honest, I really didn't do well today either. In fact, I had a very yummy veggie lovers pizza from Pizza Hut. And guess what?! I'm paying for that as well. Even more so than last night. My endo hates me right now. At one point I was certain it was ripping out my ovaries.

I realize that this is partly because I'm feeling really down because AF is here, yet again, and partly because I'm feeling very lost when it comes to what I can eat. Lately, it feels like I just roam around the kitchen looking for something, yet find absolutely nothing. When I can't find anything that's okay I don't want to eat anything. And that's no good because then I go hungry for a while until I just lose control.

It's okay though. I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I am back up to 196 pounds, but at least I'm not back up to 200! I'm heading that way though, so to keep me motivated I joined another Dietbet today. I've already submitted my weigh in and I'll be starting tomorrow. It doesn't actually officially start until the day after tomorrow.

I think this quiche has gave me a bit of the push I needed to get back on track. I've been getting a little discourage with the lack of variety in my meals. I really need to buckle down and find some more options. I can't wait for Christmas so I can have my spiral slicer! It actually arrived today, but it's really important to the hubby that I have stuff to open on Christmas day. Waiting will just give me the time I need to find some more awesome meal options for myself.

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