Saturday, December 7, 2013

15 DPO, Last Night's Lunch & Today's Breakfast

Last night I fixed something I haven't had in a long time. Leeks and red potatoes. It was fried, so I know it's not that great, but it has to be a little better since I used extra virgin olive oil. Or, at least I hope so. We'll just say yes. I had this along with a bowl of the veggie chili I made the other day. I had planned on freezing some of that, but I think it'll be gone before I get the chance. Between our girl and myself, it's not lasting long.

Since we live in the area that is under the winter weather advisory, I asked my hubby to grab a bunch of bananas on his way in from work. I really wanted to have some banana pancakes and didn't want to get stuck at home without them. The picture above shows what he brought home. I nearly fell over laughing when I picked up the bag. I seriously love that man. Guess I can't say he doesn't listen.

Thanks to my awesome hubby, I was able to have banana pancakes for breakfast. They're so simple to make. I just use one local farm egg, one banana, and some cinnamon. I drizzle a little honey on top instead of syrup. This time I made sure to fry them a little thinner than before. I also put paper towel on the plate I was using as I removed them from the pan. This helped to keep them from sweating and getting soggy.

Today is 15 dpo, and it should be the last day of my cycle. Thank God! I'm so over it and ready to move on. Vitex has given me a 15 day LP, but with way more spotting than normal. After AF I'm going to start Vitex back with only one pill a day this time. I'm also thinking about stopping it after I ovulate.

Yesterday I realized that I am getting ready to start active ttc cycle #29. This means it has been over 9 years all together. I can't even describe the anger, frustration, and despair I felt yesterday. I seriously would have paid money to have a few minutes alone with a glass shop. I don't know when I got on this Merry-Go-Round of extreme high's and low's, but I'm more than ready to get off. 

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