Saturday, December 14, 2013

You know those times when you DON'T fall off the wagon?

Free-for-All Friday! That's what I would have told you yesterday was, but as of this morning it's still just Friday. In other words, I did not fall off the wagon yesterday!

I almost did though.

It was a super busy day, and that was kind of good and kind of bad for my diet. I mostly snacked on fruits and veggies throughout the day. Before I knew it, it was almost dinner time. I decided to wait for eating any large meals until the hubby came home from work, which should have been any moment at that point. He ended up getting held up at work and didn't get back into town until around 6:30 pm.

I kept waiting, wandering around the kitchen, eyeing all the bad snack foods out and about that I normally ignore.

Then, when he called to let me know he was meeting his parents at the furniture store to pick up our Christmas present to ourselves, I went ahead and started cooking. I fixed spinach and feta pierogies with mushrooms. They aren't any too awfully bad, but they are processed and have dairy in them. After they were done cooking and I had fixed my plate, the hubby and his parents pulled up. I sat my plate down and spend the next hour and a half to two hours trying to get our new couch and love seat in the house. They had to make two trips because the hubby's dad has a short wheel based truck. The mother-in-law stayed with me to help move our old couch out of the way and situate the new one.

Meanwhile, my plate of processed food sat on the counter, just waiting to load me up with guilt, bloating, and cramps.

To my surprise, and advantage, the daughter really, really liked the pierogies. And between her and the few my father-in-law had, they ended up disappearing. I ended up giving my plate to the daughter before we were all settled and done with the furniture.

I knew I was setting myself up for disaster. As the hubby made his way home and we talked over the phone I could feel myself tiptoeing around one small sentence. Stop and get something to eat. I wanted to say it so bad. Then, when the hubby said he was going to stop by Dairy Queen, I shocked myself. I told him I would fix something, despite the kitchen being a wreck and filled with furniture.

I heated up the last bit of his deer sloppy joe along with some olive oil, salt, and Italian seasoning coated zucchini that had been roasted in small slices, and a baked red potato. I fixed my plate with only the zucchini and a potato. It was gone in a blink of an eye and left me with a growling tummy still. I ended up back in the kitchen, desperate to stay away from the bad stuff. In the end, I settled on a small avocado and  a banana. I had never had a raw, plain avocado before. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I did like it. I woke up this morning thinking about the other one I have left.

Needless to say, I'm feeling extremely proud of myself. And on top of feeling totally awesome and pain free, the scale is still reading 187.5.

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