Monday, December 9, 2013

CD 2 & Banana Pancakes

This morning I fixed banana pancakes for me and my daughter. I wasn't sure if she would like them, but she ended up eating six! This will probably end up being my breakfast for the next few days due to the enormous amount of bananas my husband picked up at the store. It's okay though. I'm not complaining.

These things are so easy to make. I thought about adding some unsweetened cocoa powder, but ended up just fixing them with cinnamon. I think I might give the cocoa powder a try tomorrow. I'm hoping that the banana will be enough to give the cocoa powder enough sweetness. I really don't want to add extra.

They turned out pretty yummy. The key to these things is keeping them small. Most of the time I want to start rushing things when I get down to the last bit of batter, but I restrain myself with these things. Bigger banana pancakes are not better.

I ended up making chili for dinner last night. It's so yummy.

TTC News...

Luckily, my cramps were not nearly as bad today. I have had zero pain relievers. Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on at the moment. Just waiting for AF to take a hike. I did make the mistake of browsing a pregnancy forum today. I don't know why I do it. It always leaves me in a bad place.

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