Friday, January 17, 2014

CD 15 & A Nuwave Dinner

So, I decided to try out my Nuwave oven that I got for Christmas tonight. No, not this past Christmas. The one before that. Yeah, that Christmas. Poor thing has seen no use before tonight. I'm going to be trying to change that though. I'm on a quest to find and execute awesome Nuwave recipes!

For my first meal in the Nuwave I fixed roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli (burned it a little before I realized it needed to be in aluminum foil), and old bay salmon. The potatoes were rockin! The broccoli, however, was pretty gross. It wasn't that badly burned, but I guess it was enough to make it taste pretty bad.

It was pretty nice since it was mostly fixed all at the same time without me having to do much, but I did have to cook the potatoes and broccoli a little before I added the fish. I had originally thought I could just throw everything inside it at the same time and VOILA! Dinner! Only, not exactly. I kind of think that the broccoli may have had a salmon taste, but it could have been where it was burned. I'm not really sure.

I've found several recipes that I'm planning on trying this week. I have never really used Pinterest, but I started pinning the foods I found and want to try. Hopefully this will help me keep up with all of the yummy sounding recipes I find that are endo friendly. You can see all that I pin HERE.

I think I might be most excited to try the Garlic Shrimp Pasta and the Zucchini Pizza Bites. I'll be using the 4 ingredient pizza sauce recipe that I pinned as well. I'd like to keep the sugar to a minimum and this seems like a decent way to do it. I'll also be making my own Italian dressing for the Italian Shrimp Stir-Fry. Of course, there are a couple ingredients I'll either be leaving out completely or substituting for something else a little more endo friendly. For example, I'll be using zucchini noodles in place of pasta noodles for myself.

I'm still struggling to wrap my head around 30 cycles of active TTC, let alone nine and a half years since we stopped birth control. Whoever said time heals all wounds didn't do anything but tell a big fat lie. If anything, my heartache has multiplied. The only thing that has changed is my ability to keep my feelings locked up. And to add a cherry on top, my daughter just turned 10 years old. At this rate she'll be grown and living on her own before # 2 comes along.

It has been a couple of weeks since she has voiced her desire for a sibling or told me she was lonely. I keep waiting for it. I know it's coming. I hate feeling like I'm failing her. Because of me she has/is and probably will continue to grow up alone. Thanks body.

I was having a bad day a while back and when my husband noticed I told him that I didn't think this feeling was going to go away. It's been far too long and I still feel as broken as I always have, if not more so. Funny enough, he said he was thinking the same thing the day before. You see, we're in different places as far as #2 goes. He's still okay with just waiting for it to happen, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. I, on the other hand, am ready to run to a RE and fork out the money to win this battle against endometriosis!

I wish I could go for HSGs, IUIs, IVF! But nooooooo. My state doesn't mandate infertility coverage. Thanks for nothing KY >.<

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