Saturday, January 25, 2014

CD 23 & Trying Something New

A friend from a forum I visit often made this image for me. I absolutely love it! The colors are perfect together and for me because if I do get the chance to have #2 the hubby and I both want to be team green all the way. This image doesn't suggest one specific gender and I love that about it.

I've been trying a couple new things this cycle and I'm hoping it helps me get a BFP before I'm able to go to the doctor in half a year. Of course there's the healthier eating, but on top of that I decided to try using coconut oil for lube. I've not found a lot of info on using it, but pretty much everything seems to agree that it's not harmful. Preseed is so expensive I just can't afford to buy it all the time. Along with that I decided to use baby aspirin again this cycle. When I got my sticky BFP a couple years ago that ended in a missed miscarriage I had been taking aspirin for two previous cycles. Of course, I'm also taking my multivitamin along with b12 complex and a vitamin d supplement. And the best thing I decided to do this month was to stop tracking completely.

It would be amazing if these new things help me get a sticky BFP, but this is only the first month using these new things. I know it could take time. I'm not sure what dpo I am today, but I'm on cd 23. Last night I had some spotting after DTD. I have seen no trace of spotting since. It could have been because of the aspirin, but I don't remember having spotting like that when I took it before. I never spot after DTD. Add in that earlier in the day yesterday I had these very fast, sharp pains behind the right side of my pelvic bone and you get ridiculously high levels of hope. It felt like lighting. Each pain lasted about 1 second and all together the pains lasted about 3-5 minutes. Haven't felt it before that or since. I've also been pretty bloated, gassy, and somewhat constipated. I know these signs can be normal, but since I've tried this other stuff I think I'm a little more hopeful than usual.

AF should be here in 6-8 days.

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