Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Breakfast & Dinner Last Night

Before I wake up the daughter, at 11:30!?!, I figured I'd go ahead and do another post. I really want to share what I had for dinner last night. It was so yummy :) Above is a picture of my brunch. I woke up several hours ago but got busy getting some cleaning done and updating this blog while she's asleep. I just had breakfast a minute ago. I know I shouldn't do that, but I do from time to time. I'll have to make sure I snack often today so I don't binge tonight.

On to dinner! Excuse the poor picture quality. I snapped a quick picture last night and devoured my food before I realized the picture was blurry. We had sweet potatoes, I put honey and cinnamon on mine, steamed broccoli with salt and pepper, and Old Bay seasoned salmon. I was kind of iffy on the salmon since the last time I fixed it I found it to be disgusting. However, after last night I'm pretty positive it was the lemon pepper I seasoned it with. I may be having this again tonight. It took about 11-12 minutes from frozen under the broiler on high.

I never would have guessed that eating endo friendly could be so tasty :)

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