Thursday, January 30, 2014

End of the Road & Infertility Coverage

Well, after my little depression party the other day, the hubby began looking into his benefits information. When he was offered this new job one of the first things he asked about what whether or not infertility would be covered. He was originally told it would be and he found this in the packet...

Family Planning
The plan covers:
■ Surgery for sterilization (reversal of sterilization is not covered).
■ Diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of infertility if medically necessary and preauthorized by the Medical Claims Administrator.

So why am I being told no every time I call and ask the benefits people???

He decided to contact the human resources lady where he works, which happens to be the same person that told him we would have coverage, to try to find out what's going on. I tried to call a RE that is close by to see what I could find out as well. The girl I talked to said that it sounds like I do have coverage, but she's not sure why they would tell me no when I call customer service, which is what she suggested I do.

Hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow, but the waiting is killing me. When he took this job about six months ago I thought I would finally have a shot, and then that hope was ripped away. Now they've got my hopes up again and I'm so afraid of having it crushed, again. The pessimistic side of me just knows that there is some sort of loophole for them to get out of offering coverage and that's why it's worded the way it is. The hopeless optimistic side says it's clearly says it will be covered if there is a medical need and I have a medical need, right?

I want to know the answer, but at the same time I'm scared to know.

TTC News:
If you can't tell, AF is on her way in. Some stupid part of me actually thought that if I truly let go this month it might actually happen. Ha!

Who is this bitter, angry person?

Here's another dose of my stupidity for you. I still keep thinking of names. My newest favorite boy name is Oscar Edwin. Oscar was the name of my papaw and Edwin is the middle name of the hubby's great grandpa. Or maybe Edwin Oscar?

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