Sunday, January 26, 2014

CD 24 & Cake

Yep. That's cake. Yummy, yummy cake. Nope. It's not something I should be eating, but I was at a birthday party. What was I supposed to do?! The birthday boy would have been disappointed. Okay, maybe he wouldn't have been, but I couldn't resist. It was a homemade Reese's cake! How could I resist?

So, yeah. My healthy eating went straight out the window today. However, I was good and only had a little piece and one small scoop of ice cream. The only other thing I had today was shrimp fajitas from a restaurant and a tortilla chips and salsa. I'll make up for it tomorrow with lots of veggies and exercise.

TTC News:
Today is cd 24 and my boobs are sore for sure! Oh man they hurt. This means I'm anywhere from 5-8 dpo. I had a bit more spotting today, but not a lot. It should be way to early for spotting, but I could be having a crazy spotting cycle or something. Normally I start spotting around cd 26-27. On wacky cycles I've started as early as an entire week before AF comes, which would match up for my spotting now. I'd much rather it be implantation spotting. Usually AF comes around cd 29, but it has been known to show as early as cd 26 and as late as cd 35. If nothing by February first I'll test.

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