Monday, January 27, 2014

CD 25 & Cycle Confusion

Well, I thought I was around 7 dpo today (cd 25), but I had some spotting on cd 22 after some bding. I thought maybe it was related to the aspirin I was taking because it stopped on cd 23. On cd 24, however, it started back up and has continued today. It's scant and brown externally, red internally, and looks exactly like what happens when AF is approaching.

It could be one of three things...

1.) I will have a week of spotting leading up to AF.
2.) I am wrong about my O dates and AF will be here in the next couple of days.
3.) The baby aspirin

There's no way it can be implantation bleeding. It looks too much like pre-AF bleeding. Maybe the aspirin is causing early spotting? Who knows? Only the next several days will tell what's really going on. Either way, if AF doesn't arrive after the end of January I will test. I have a feeling she will come sooner rather than later. It's just weird that my bbs may have gotten sore later than normal. 6 dpo is average and 8 dpo is the latest it has ever happened.

Despite all the confusion, I will most definitely be doing away with tracking again next cycle. I'm normally very bad about stressing all day every day during the tww about how I missed this day or that day around my fertile window. I literally will stare at my chart or other charts on fertility friend for hours. None of that at all this month. I don't even know what days we bd on for sure anymore.

A few other girls and I have been working to lose weight to help with fertility. We each have our own reason/need to lose weight, but our end goals are the same. One of them fixed this quote with this image. I thought it was great and inspiring so I wanted to share. It's nice to have others working toward a similar goal. I have managed to lose 35 pounds and I have 35 more to go. The other girls have different goals, but I know we can all reach them!

I have 8 more days left in my dietbet and although I actually made it to my goal weight, I gained a bit in the last couple of days. I really need to buckle down and get this weight back off so I don't lose my money. Hopefully I can make it.

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